As God’s family we have opportunity to pause at important moments in our journey of faith to celebrate God’s work, remember God’s faithfulness, and pass on faith in Jesus from one generation to the next, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We call these meaningful, memorable moments in the lives of individuals, families and our congregation, the Faith Milestones.  Through Faith Milestones, Trinity will help households nurture that Christian faith by:

  • Equipping families with practices to help live out faith-at-home

  • Blessing individuals and marking the occasion with a celebration

  • Gifting with a tangible item to remember the moment and point to God’s love

  • Connecting with the faith family for support and encouragement


Holy Baptism

A child or adult is welcomed and celebrated as a child of God as we celebrate God's promise and they receive His gift of grace.  Parents are given tools to begin practicing faith-at-home and are equipped to write and say a blessing to be used daily after the Baptism.


Kindergarten is the year we are focusing on the big word, STEWARDSHIP. Students are given a towel and basin to remind them how Jesus serves them and they get to respond by serving others!




We celebrate the gift of worship experienced both with  our faith family and at home as an expression of, saying “I love you God!” Children create a special heart box with worship tools to be used regularly as a family.

First Bible

Second graders receive a full Bible that parents help their child "customize" with highlighted verses and a special blessing.  They learn how to use their Bible individually and as a family on a regular basis.


For 5th and 6th Graders with same gender parent/guardian, we run a retreat for one night to discuss “God’s Plan for a Man” (father/son) & “God’s Design for His Daughters.” (mom/daughter)

Life Ready/Graduation

HS Seniors are given guidance in preparing for life after high school through four sessions.  As students graduate from high school, parents present a blessing blanket in worship as they begin a new chapter.

College Ready

HS Senior and Parent attend a seminar to help prepare  them for the decisions about colleges and majors.


Grandparents have opportunity to speak faith into their grandchildren’s lives. One way is through the spoken/written blessing.  Grandparents will learn how to intentionally bless their grandchildren.

The Faith Chest

The Faith Chest houses the spiritual treasures, given by church and family to a child, to be used to nurture faith-at-home practices throughout their childhood years.  It is a wooden box with a lid, and a tray that fits inside, to hold  items of spiritual significance such as, the baptismal candle, devotionals, Bibles, music, Sunday School/VBS projects, etc…  The Chest becomes a storehouse of resources that families can use to nurture faith in Jesus Christ!  Learn More.

For more information about any of these Faith Milestones, including the Faith Chest Assembly class, please email Mary Bloebaum at or call at 309-834-3202.

Click here for a downloadable Faith Milestones pamphlet.