The Faith Chest houses the spiritual treasures, given by church and family to a child, to be used to nurture faith-at-home practices throughout their childhood years.  It is a wooden box with a lid, and a tray that fits inside, to hold  items of spiritual significance such as, the baptismal candle, devotionals, Bibles, music, Sunday School/VBS projects, etc…  The Chest becomes a storehouse of resources that families can use to nurture faith in Jesus Christ!

Faith Chest Assembly Classes are open to all who desire to put a kit together.  No specific skills are necessary.  There are 5 opportunities to assemble a chest throughout the year.  They occur on a Sunday in either January, March, May, September, and November from 11-12p.  The materials for the faith chest cost $50.  Whatever you are able to donate towards that cost may be paid to Trinity Lutheran.  Please don’t allow finances to keep you from making a faith chest for your child.  We will cover any amount that is above your ability to pay.

For more information about any of these Faith Milestones, including the Faith Chest Assembly class, please email Mary Bloebaum at or call at 309-834-3202.