The home has the GREATEST INFLUENCE on faith in Jesus Christ and the church has the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY to support the home in this work!  Family Life Ministry at Trinity Lutheran exists to encourage the home to be a godly, grace place for Christian marriages and families where faith in Jesus Christ is intentionally nurtured and passed on to the next generations!  



Spending a lifetime together comes with challenges and celebrations. We walk with couples in the midst of this journey, knowing the power of Jesus is the glue of every marriage.


Trinity desires to intentionally support, train and equip parents at all life stages for their God-given responsibilities as parents by His grace and wisdom.

Faith Milestones

Faith Milestones are about connecting FAITH + LIFE as the church comes alongside your home during the life stage you find yourself in to EQUIP, BLESS, and GIFT you as a parent or grandparent.

Guys Night Out

Adult men of all ages have opportunity to CONNECT with others and be ENCOURAGED to walk in faith as men of God through various nights out together!


Ladies Night Out

Adult women of all ages have opportunity to CONNECT with others and be ENCOURAGED as a woman of God through various nights out together!

Adulthood and Aging

We desire to come alongside older adults to help equip them and their families for this life stage while also equipping them to be intentional in leaving their legacy of faith to the next generations.


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Holiday Tools

It is at times of preparing or gathering for holiday celebrations that provide great opportunity  to invite Jesus into conversation and time together.  At Thanksgiving, Advent and Lent we offer devotional experiences to participate in as a family.

Family Service

We believe it is important for families to serve together. Look for family-friendly opportunities throughout the year for your family to make a difference.  You are #SENT2SERVE together!


For more information about Family Life Ministry, please email Mary Bloebaum at or call at 309-834-3202.