Weddings at Trinity Lutheran

This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.
— Genesis 2:24

How do we schedule a wedding at Trinity Lutheran?

A couple may call the church office at (309) 828-6265 to first inquire whether the wedding date is available on the church's and pastor's calendars.

It is our strong belief that weddings should take place in the faith community that will continue living life with the couple getting married.  If the couple is active in worship at Trinity Lutheran, an appointment will be made with a pastor at which time he will determine whether a Christian marriage can be performed at Trinity Lutheran.

If the couple has not been regularly active in worship, they should worship four times and indicate this on an attendance card located in each pew. After the worship expectation is met, they may call the church office for an appointment with a pastor.

Does Trinity Lutheran marry non-members?

Trinity Lutheran indeed marries non-members as long as the couple is active in worship and is seeking a church home. Non-members often enroll in our Discover Trinity Experience, either before or after the wedding occurs, and grows deeper into the life of Trinity Lutheran. A Trinity Lutheran pastor (or pastor of a sister LCMS congregation) must be the clergy to perform weddings at Trinity Lutheran.

Trinity Lutheran does not rent out facilities for unaffiliated weddings.

Are there wedding fees?

Trinity Lutheran does have a fee schedule for weddings. Please call 309-828-6265 for current fees.