Right From The Start

This class is for parents and their 0-36 month old child(ren), gathering at the 8:15 and the 9:30 education hours on Sunday mornings.  This class provides a great opportunity to connect with other parents in the same life stage and create good habits for the family!  Each class opens with a family lesson, song and prayer.  Then parents work through a resource on Biblical parenting of 0-2 year olds!  The door is always open all year long to new people!  

Challenge and Choice

This Bible-based study of teenage sexuality is a powerful reinforcement of God’s TRUTH on this matter.  Topics include myth information, challenge and wrong choices, dating do’s and don’ts, and how far is too far.  Parents attend with their 8-10th grade student.

For more information about our Parenting Ministry, contact Mary Bloebaum at MaryBloebaum@trinluth.org.