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As we fix our eyes on Jesus, we see His determined eyes fixed on us. Pastor Billy unpacks Luke 13 where we see a snarky Jesus who will stop at nothing to save the people He loves so dearly.

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Words to Live By


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Let's Be Clear-Let’s be clear on relationships!

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During His life, Jesus extended many powerful invitations.  "Come and follow me."  Those who joined Jesus witnessed His powerful work of restoration and redemption. He was on a mission to share His forgiveness and love!  Today, Jesus is still on mission.  His invitation remains, "Will you join me?"  This sermon series, "Joining Jesus", explores what life might look like as we respond to this powerful invitation to join Jesus on His mission.

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For many years, the stories of God’s servants have been stained into the windows that surround us in the sanctuary.  As we take a closer look, we see these stories are stained with the brokenness of the people they represent.