Position Description: Senior Pastor

Trinity Lutheran Church & School, Bloomington, Illinois


In accordance with his Call from the congregation, the Senior Pastor shall be ultimately responsible for all pastoral activities.


Role of the Senior Pastor:

*To serve as a spiritual shepherd of the congregation, promoting and supervising a complete Christian ministry through the Word and Sacrament.

*To provide spiritual nurture for the ministry and support staff.

*To oversee all the activities of the ministry and support staff so that the Great Commission of Christ, Matthew 28:19-20, may be carried out.  The Senior Pastor is accountable for all of his actions and those of the ministry and support staff.

*To work harmoniously in a team ministry.


+To Proclaim the Word in all its truth and purity, administer the Sacraments, and maintain the confessional standards of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

+To set a vision for effective ministry.

+To follow and maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of Trinity Lutheran Church & School, Bloomington, Illinois.

+To serve as administrative Pastor of the Parish.

+To set goals, supervise, and annually evaluate members of the ministry and support staff.

+To serve as an advisory member of all Boards and Committees.

+To delegate specific functions to other staff (the ministry staff, the teachers, and other support staff, or lay leaders), according to their talents and the congregation’s needs and under these conditions:

  • By request of or recommendation of the Senior Pastor.
  • Upon the recommendation of the responsible Church Board, the Senior Pastor concurring.
  • By mutual agreement after careful discussion between the worker(s) and the Senior Pastor.
  • Upon the request of any member of the staff (or other worker), the Senior Pastor concurring.


The following assignments are made in accordance with the responsibilities and procedures outlined above:

Preaching and Public Worship

The Senior Pastor shall be responsible for the worship program of the congregation.  He shall oversee the preaching schedule, speakers, and assistants involved in the services.


The Senior Pastor, by virtue of his Call, has primary responsibility for the parish administration.  This responsibility includes attendance at the meetings of the Board of Lay Ministry, the Voters Assembly, and the Board of Elders.  Attendance at other church board meetings may be assigned to staff members.


The Senior Pastor shall be ultimately responsible for the Visitation Schedule, though direction of this ministry may be assigned to another on his staff.  Assignments shall be made and a record kept of the calls made.  The Senior Pastor is expected to model a Caring Ministry —including opportunities such as mission, hospital, nursing home, shut-in, newcomer, and delinquent calls.


If requested, the Senior Pastor shall make the necessary arrangements for counseling.  The Senior Pastor is always to be consulted on matters involving formal congregational discipline and/or procedures.


The Senior Pastor shall be responsible for arranging a schedule for attendance at meetings of the various congregational organizations and their boards.  The Church staff shall share the task of counseling the organizations and their officers.  It is recognized that a staff member may not be able to attend every meeting of an organization or its board, but will provide guidance in the program planning.

Official Acts

The Senior Pastor shall arrange the schedule for baptisms, weddings, and funerals.  Members of the congregation may request the services of any member of the pastoral staff for these occasions.  If no specific request is made, baptisms in the services will be assigned to the pastor who is preaching.  Arrangements for weddings and funerals shall be reported to the Senior Pastor so that necessary adjustments may be made in the staff scheduling.  Where no specific pastor is requested for the official act, the Senior Pastor shall make the assignment.

Ministry Areas

The Senior Pastor is accountable for each of the ministries of the church:  Christian Growth, Care and Concern, Worship, Witness, Fellowship, Properties, Communications, Stewardship, Family Life, Youth, Young Adults, Assimilation, Women’s Ministry, and the Christian Day School.  The Senior Pastor or the staff member assigned shall lend guidance, nurture, and support in setting goals and fulfilling the objectives and functions of each of these ministries.


The Senior Pastor shall be responsible for and have editorial control of all official publications of the congregation.

Participation in Work-of-the-Church-at-Large

The Senior Pastor and members of the staff are encouraged to participate in the work of the church beyond the confines of the congregation.  Eligible staff members are encouraged to be involved in the work of the District and/or Synod.

Staff members are expected to attend such conferences and conventions as are called in accordance with the Synodical Handbook.

Civic Activity

The Senior Pastor and members of the staff are encouraged to participate in the work of community relations and civic activities.



  • Shall have a vision of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Shall be an ordained clergyman in good standing in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
  • Shall have sufficient experience to prove himself qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.
  • Shall be an able and proven administrator.
  • Shall have proven leadership skill.
  • Shall be able to work harmoniously with others.
  • Shall have the ability to cooperate and provide leadership in a multiple ministry.
  • Shall have a collegial spirit when dealing with staff and members of the congregation.
  • Shall be supportive of and effective in leading multifaceted styles of worship.



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