The church that gives away the Bible!

Your leadership teams have recently revisited the core identity markers of Trinity Lutheran.  It was thrilling to affirm that we are a community who is “Faithful to Scripture”!  It is especially meaningful that we are taking a look at this value during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  At the heart of Martin Luther’s efforts was a deep desire to make sure the Word of God was in the hands of the people.  So, we started to ask, “How can we continue to put God’s Word into the hands of the people?”  Thus begins, The Pew Bible Project!

Our first step is to equip our worship space with a single Bible so we can all get on the same page...literally!  As we preach from and read scripture, we want to be able to open the Bible together.  We want to dig deeper and deeper into the Word of God and help others to join us on that adventure.

Our second step is to always have Bibles available to give away!  Yes, give away!  We want to put a life-changing gift into the hands of anyone who visits and doesn’t have a Bible.  We want to walk with those who haven’t yet met their Savior, Jesus.  We want to share His forgiveness and love for as long as He entrusts them to our care.

So, now what?  We need you.  We need each brother and sister in Christ at Trinity Lutheran to Pray for, Participate in, and Promote the Pew Bible Project.  


We need to pray!  Please join us in praying for those who need to experience the powerful forgiveness and love of Christ.  We would like to make sure they have a personal Bible so they can experience this daily.


Second, buy one and give one!  Participate by purchasing a Bible for your personal use and/or donating money so Bibles can be placed in the pews and in the hands of those who don't have one.