Vision for Kenya Mission Trip – Summer 2019

May 29th – June 8th

Thank you for considering God’s call to join us.  The following is important information meant to answer the most common questions regarding Vision for Kenya mission trips.


Goals for the Mission

   1.      Conduct eyeglass missions in Kenya congregations

   2.      Partner with Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, TX to bring outreach missions to specific congregations in Kenya

   3.      Partner with host congregation evangelism teams to present the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone to each person who visits a clinic


What is “Vision for Kenya”?

Vision for Kenya is a united effort of multiple Lutheran congregations to reach the mission goals stated above.  Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas, serves as the administrative center of “Vision for Kenya” by providing assistance in scheduling trips, securing supplies, and hosting regular meetings for the participating congregations to coordinate their efforts.



The cost for each participant is $ 2,750 (includes airfare, in-country costs such as ground transportation, most meals, lodging, etc.)— the sooner we book the airline tickets the cheaper the airfare will be. Trinity contributes an additional $ 1,000 per person to help offset the costs of the eyeglass equipment and re-supply


Application and Registration Fee Deadlines


March 15, 2019 – Minimum $500 non-refundable deposit is due. 

Enclose TWO COLOR COPIES of your Passport and your completed Application, Information, and Code of Conduct Forms.

May 5, 2019  – Balance is due. 

            Make all checks payable to Trinity Lutheran Church

            No refunds are possible after airline tickets are purchased by our travel coordinator

Passport and Visa Required

Every participant must have a Passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the entry date into Kenya.  The process of obtaining or renewing a Passport can take as long as 4-6 weeks. A Kenyan entry Visa is obtained on arrival at the Nairobi Airport at cost of $50.00 in US funds.


There are no required immunizations for Kenya.  CONTACT YOUR PERSONAL PHYSICIAN OR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AGENT FOR RECOMMENDATIONS!  Worth strong consideration are the following:  Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever.  MALARIA is very common in Africa.  Contact your physician for a prescription of a preferred oral anti-malaria drug for KENYA.  Persons with hypertension should consult their physician for precautions against malaria.  Be sure to bring mosquito repellant that has at least 90% deet (check the label).


In our experience, the Peoria City/County Health Department is the most financially reasonable place to receive immunizations.  Appointments are necessary.  When making appointment, be sure to ask about mode of payment.  Location and contact information follows:


Peoria City/County Health             Another Resource:  Advocate Medical Group

2116 N. Sheridan Rd                                                           3024 E. Empire

Peoria, IL 61604                                                                   Bloomington, IL 16704

Phone:  (309) 679-6000                                                       (309) 454-4411 (KC Schearer)

                                                                                                            (Insurance may cover here)

What about airline tickets?

The Hearts Ablaze mission coordinator will arrange travel and ticketing from Bloomington/Chicago to Kenya and back for the entire mission team. 


Training and Orientation

Everyone is expected to attend the training and orientation sessions held at Trinity It is scheduled for Saturday May 6 from 9:00AM until 1:00PM.  This is for all participants, including those who have been a part of previous missions



Wednesday - Thursday – travel days from Bloomington/Chicago to Nairobi

Friday - Saturday – short Safari

Sunday – teams travel to clinic locations throughout Kenya

Monday-Thursday – conduct daytime eyeglass clinics, devotions/fellowship in evening

Friday – travel back to Nairobi, sightseeing and shopping in Nairobi rest, meet and share experiences, depart for airport

Saturday – arrive back in Chicago/Bloomington


NOTE:  Participants are NOT to leave the airport during any “layover” regardless of length.


Food – Water, Etc.

As part of the accommodations in Kenya, breakfast and the evening meals are provided.  Some of the meals may be very similar to American style; others will vary in preparation and type.  Every effort is made to ensure that the food is nutritious and safe.  Lunch is the responsibility of each individual.  The clinic work proceeds uninterrupted on the clinic days and team members normally take individual short breaks to snack for lunch.  Bringing food items from the U.S. is discouraged, since you will have limited packing space.  Snack food can be obtained in a “Walmart” type store in Nairobi.  The “don’t drink the water” advice for foreign travel applies to Kenya also.  Safe, bottled water is readily available at reasonable prices and you are expected to purchase your own supply of drinking water.  DO NOT drink any water or brush your teeth with water from a faucet, shower, or water tap.  Antiseptic hand lotion is available in Nairobi.  It is advisable to use it frequently when working in Kenya.