In February, your Building Committee has continued to make significant progress with the architect outreach.  This February update details our progress and anticipated next steps.

Architect Outreach

We received responses to the Request for Information and have narrowed down the contractors to Core Construction, Catalyst Constructions, O’Shea Builders, and PJ Hoerr,  We have completed the Request for Proposal and will be sending it out the week of February 19th.  After responses are received, we will be setting up times to interview them in the near future.

Timeline for Next Steps

January 2018-Finish up RFI/Q Review who to keep in the mix
Early February 2018-Finalize RFP requirements
Mid February 2018-Send out RFP to smaller group
Early March 2018-Responses to RFP Due
March/early April 2018-Complete review of RFP/Interview Respondents
Early April 2018-Select partner to begin concept/visioning

Congregational Needs Assessment

The team completed the documentation and review of key decisions.  These were documented in the form of the a scope document that will be attached to the Request for Proposal to be sent to the selected contractors and to the architects.


We value your feedback (online, paper, meetings, etc) and look forward to taking the opportunity to respond to your questions and ideas.

We look forward to sharing more information as we know it.  We would love for you to pray for God’s guidance as we continue on this journey together.

Yours in Christ,

Kirk Fuemmeler
Committee Chair