Your Building Committee has been meeting regularly this summer and would like to give a few brief updates to keep you informed.  Our initial tasks are to identify potential architectural candidates, complete a current survey of our congregational needs, building upon work completed by prior committees, and provide frequent two-way communication between the committee and Trinity Lutheran Community.

Architect Outreach

This team has identified churches with recent building experiences to visit and understand their best practices, including their experience with their architect.  These site visits will be occurring over the next several months.  Next steps after the visits would include identifying and interviewing potential architects.

Congregational Needs Assessment

As we review and evaluate the facility needs of Trinity Lutheran, we sent a survey to Executive Ministry Staff and other ministry leaders in order to get a fresh representation of needs today.  We are expecting responses by September 1.  We look forward to sharing the consolidated version of responses in future updates.


A new webpage has been created to share our ideas, our status and timelines, our plans, and most importantly, a feedback mechanism for your questions, suggestions, or other comments. This feedback goes to the building committee and will be monitored frequently.  You will receive acknowledgement of your feedback, usually within a few days.  

You can also provide paper feedback using the building committee mailbox in the church office.

We value your feedback (online, paper, meetings, etc) and look forward to taking the opportunity to respond to your questions and ideas.

We look forward to sharing more information as the committee’s work continues and plan to provide an update at the September Voter’s Meeting.  We would love for you to pray for God’s guidance as we continue on this journey together.

Yours in Christ,
Kirk Fuemmeler

Committee Chair