Your building committee has been very busy the past couple of months building a relationship with BLDD and PJ Hoerr to begin steps toward formulating a Master Site Plan. In the last week of June, Carson Durham, architect from BLDD, and John Moses, Vice President of PJ Hoerr, met with representatives of each ministry area.  Then on July 22, Carson and John held open forums with the entire congregation. The goal of these meetings is to allow input as they build toward compiling a master site plan for the Hamilton campus. The Master Site Plan will provide a road map to determine how the acreage at the Hamilton Road campus will be used by our ministry areas in the future. The building committee would like to thank everyone for their participation in these key meetings.  Some quick points have been provided regarding their progress.

1.       What progress has the committee made in the last couple of months?  The committee has begun working with BLDD and PJ Hoerr to compile the necessary information needed to begin work towards a Master Site Plan for the Hamilton Road Site.

2.       What is the next step for the committee? The next step for the committee is to continue meeting with PJ Hoerr/BLDD to progress towards a recommended Master Site Plan and phased building project approach.

3.       How can the congregation help pray for the committee? We would request that you pray for guidance through this journey and that God would continue to lead us to do his will.


As always, we value your feedback (online, paper, meetings, etc) and we look forward to taking the opportunity to respond to your ideas and questions.

We look forward to sharing more information with you regarding our next steps in this process.  We continue to ask for prayers for God’s guidance as we continue along thing journey together.


Yours in Christ,

Kirk Fuemmeler
Committee Chair