• Are we able to take significant architectural pieces from the current site like stone work and stained glass windows?

Yes. It is possible to take portions of the stonework and stained glass windows.  This is a decision that will need to be made by the congregation as the value of the current facility is discovered and the design of the new facility begins to take shape.

  • How are we going to afford such a large project?

It is likely that we will utilized a phased approach to this project, following a master plan that is developed and approved by the congregation.  Being wise stewards of the resources God gives to us, we will do what we are responsibly able to accomplish.

  • When will we begin a capital campaign?

After the Architect and Construction companies are selected, a capital campaign committee will be assemble with a primary goal of selecting a campaign consulting company that will best serve our efforts.

  • When will we break ground?

    In short, we don't know.  A more detailed timeline will be developed in partnership with the Architect and Construction companies and will be revealed at that time.