Throughout August, the Building Committee has continued to work with Carson Durham, (Architect from BLDD) and John Moses (Vice President of PJ Hoerr) towards a Master Site Plan for Trinity Lutheran’s Hamilton Road Site. The information gathered at the Open Forum held on July 22, 2018 provided great questions and feedback for John, Carson and the Building Committee to also take into consideration during the Master Site Planning process. The committee has also been working closely with the Capital Campaign as they finalize information from the congregation regarding support and commitments for the first phase of the building project.

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, Congregation President Brett Bloebaum shared a brief update from the building committee and feedback received from the Steier Group. The Steier Group projected that during an initial Capital Campaign, the church can reasonably anticipate raising between $2.5 – and $4 million to fund the first phase of the Building Project. The building committee received a recommendation from Congregation President, Brett Bloebaum, to work towards a first phase building budget of $8 million. As such, an additional Capital Campaign would be necessary to continue the retirement of debt. The committee will continue to meet with regularly with PJ Hoerr/BLDD to progress toward both the Master Site Plan and a possible First Phase recommendation for the Hamilton Site Facility. As always, we request for prayers for patience and guidance through this journey that God would continue to lead us to do his will.


We always value your feedback (online, paper, meetings, etc) we look forward to taking the opportunity to respond to your ideas and questions.

We continue to work hard and look forward to sharing more information regarding the anticipated next steps.