In March, your Building Committee has made major progress with contractor and architect outreach.  This March update will outline our progress and anticipated next steps.

Architect Outreach

We have received all responses to the RFP (Request for Proposal) that was sent out to the narrowed down contractors listed below.  The team has thoroughly reviewed the responses and the suggested Contractor and Architect partnerships.  On March 29, 2018 interviews were conducted with four partnerships to determine which team is best suited for our congregations and building project needs.

Contractor/Architect Partnerships

Catalyst Construction/Reifsteck Reid
Core/Francois Associates Architects
O’Shea Builders/Farnsworth

Timeline for Next Steps

  • April 2018 – Recommend a Contractor/Architect Partnership to engage in Master planning
  • Late May 2018 – Begin process of Master Planning. (Process could take 3-4 months to complete)
  • September 2018 – Finish up Master Planning


As always, we value your feedback (online, paper, meetings, etc) and look forward to taking the opportunity to respond to your questions and ideas.

We look forward to sharing more information as we know it.  We would love for you to pray for God’s guidance as we continue on this journey together.

Yours in Christ,

Kirk Fuemmeler
Committee Chair